Khroma History

02/19/04 - v2.3.2

  1. Improved compatability with PalmOS 5.2/5.3: A few bitmap APIs changed with 5.2 causing the icon transparency editor to crash while editing high density bitmaps. Fixed by rewriting the editor to bypass the APIs.
  2. The AutoScheme dialog now adjusts the thumbs of any sliders set to auto as new schemes are generated.
  3. Fixed a bug in the Export/Import dialogs which truncated names in the export list.

03/20/03 - v2.3.1

  1. Fixed incomplete screen redraws when Palm's native color picker dialogs are closed under 16 bit depth. (This is a work-around for an inconsistant API. With 8 bits and lower depths, Palm's routines save the underlying screen when the dialog opens and restore it when the dialog closes. This behavior is not provided under 16 bits presumably due to the increased memory overhead involved).
  2. Auto Scheme algorithms were tweaked to provide better text contrast.

03/14/03 - v2.3

  1. A new Auto Scheme function automatically generates color schemes.
  2. A preferences option has been added which allows the choice of using Khroma's popup color picker or the Palm's palette or RGB color pickers.
  3. Navigation browse buttons now work correctly and are dimmed when the current scheme is not in the database, the database is empty or there is no next or previous scheme.

03/01/03 - v2.2

  1. New icon transparency editor added under the Options menu.
  2. Restore Defaults now clears the current scheme.
  3. Navigation list posts an empty/uninstalled database alert if empty.

02/01/03 - v2.1

  1. New navigation bar for opening and activating schemes, browsing database.
  2. Category support added.
  3. New multiple delete dialog.
  4. New Details menu item / dialog for name and category editing.
  5. A few interface tweaks including more intuitive menu commands.
  6. Fixed a bug which allowed Khroma to quit without a 'save before quit' confirmation.

01/18/03 - v2.0

  1. KhromaQC added for easy, single click scheme and screen depth changes.
  2. Khroma was modified to work with KhromaQC (seamlessly?). In the process much code was rewritten to be quicker and more robust.
  3. Several minor memory leaks were found and plugged. These only occurred when Khroma was stopped with open dialogs. Resources allocated by form handlers weren't being released.
  4. A rare crasher was found occurring when the import dialog was opened and closed with an empty Memo database. Fixed.
  5. The system menu was streamlined by removing two little used and perhaps incongruous features (Adjust brightness & System Color Picker.

01/05/03 - v1.3

  1. Only needed for devices using Palm OSv5.x. With the ARM architecture, memory is now little endian with 4 byte alignment. Khroma now accommodates the Palm Tungsten and other devices using OSv5.x.

05/17/01 - v1.2

  1. Only needed for Visor Prisms. Unlike Palm OSv4.x, the Prism (OSv3.5.2) correctly uses a 16 bit color table if present. This update adds additional platform checking to allow Prism users to take advantage of this feature.

05/12/01 - v1.1

  1. Databases have been merged into a single file. Schemes are now stored with full rgb color data rather than color indexes. This will allow full 16 bit (and higher) colors to be stored. The only down side is a slightly larger database. A utility is provided to convert the old indexed color databases to rgb and merge them into a single database.
  2. Abandoned the attempt at flicker-free screen redrawing. Palm has essentially made it impossible with the current version of FrmDrawForm (It erases the entire form regardless of the clip setting, but only redraws in the clip! Why this function has to erase at all is a mystery to me!).
  3. Several other screen redraw problems that cropped up with OS4.0 and the m505 have been fixed.
  4. The failure of the system's color picker dialog to restore the underlying form with 16 bit color has been compensated for.
  5. The interface has been improved, I hope. I have tried to make menu and dialog labels a bit more intuitive.
  6. Preferences have been extended. An option to load the current UIColorTable at startup is provided. This allows tables created in other programs to be incorporated into Khroma. Scheme edits can now optionally be saved automatically, saved (or not) via a prompt or never saved depending on a new preferences setting.
  7. The screen depth dialog now updates the screen in "real-time", as the depth is selected rather than after the dialog is closed. It also keeps the active scheme in force counteracting the system's behavior (resetting the UI colors to the default color set after each depth change). This allows individual color schemes to be viewed sequentially in multiple depths.

03/05/01 - v1.0 and 1.0d

  1. First release versions.
  2. Updated docs.
  3. More presets.
  4. New icons. The old ones were nice but were too much like those Mike McCollister used for McColors (An unintentional similarity Mike!).

02/28/01 - v1.0b5r and v1.0b5d

  1. Split into two versions - d and r. The former runs cleanly under dbug roms and retains all debug code. As originally conceived, however, only the bottom portions of forms should redrawn when forms are changed (FrmGotoForm, FrmReturnToForm etc). This gets rid of flicker and just looks better. The dbug roms complain about and choke on partial screen updates with form changes (infra vide) therefore the d versions do full form redraws. The r versions use the partial redraw, look better and run cleanly on non-debug roms. They also are stripped of debug code and are smaller and faster. The remaining 99.9% of the code is identical. Take your pick.

02/25/01 - v1.0b4

  1. Added screen brightness adjust menu item.
  2. Added memo importing, the final planned feature to be implented for version 1.0.
  3. Cleaned up memory allocation code, should be more maintainable, robust.
  4. Corrected a few more display bugs.

02/20/01 - v1.0b3

  1. Plugged a memory leak.
  2. Corrected a bug which overwrote array bounds at the limits of scheme name size.
  3. Dealt with a few (annoying) differences in the way debug and non-debug roms handle form drawing. 1) There seems to be a difference in the handling of window initialization. The debug roms (properly) require a call to WinSetDrawWindow before any calls are made to the window manager for some reason the nondebugs don't. 2) The debug-roms require a call to FrmEraseForm before a form can be deleted via FrmDeleteForm. I don't know why but they choke if this isn't done. Not so with the non-debug roms. Unfortunately this debug rom demand really limits imaginative screen updating. 3) There appears to be something inconsistent about the debug and non-debug rom's choice of colors for background erasing-the form's fill color is used in the former, the window's background color in the later. 4) Finally, for some inscrutable reason, FrmDrawForm in OS 3.5 has been changed to automatically do a FrmEraseForm. Why? This really makes a flicker free interface a chore.

02/17/01 - v1.0b2

  1. Grayscale support has been cleaned up considerably.
  2. Major crasher on devices running grayscale on download and initial startup fixed.
  3. New grayscale popup palettes.
  4. Several bugs in index translation were fixed.
  5. Separate databases are now used for each screen depth. As it stands only the color index is stored.
  6. Screen depth can now be changed within Khroma via a menu item.
  7. A Win screen update bug fixed.
  8. One bit depth is working but there appears to be a redraw system bug. When saved bits are restored (after menu closes for example), the redraw is inverted when the scheme colors are white on black. Annoying but single bit displays are probably best left black on white .
  9. More presets.

02/13/01 - v1.0b

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